Data Science in
Business, Finance
& Industry
DSBFI 2019


Performance Comparison of Forecasting the State of Health of Lithium-Ion Battery

                Lei Qin; Ben-Chang Shia; Mingchih Chen; Jian Li


A Class of Quasi-Distribution-free Multivariate Multisample Lepage Tests and Their Applications in High-Dimensional Data Study

                Kazuki Matsuo; Amitava Mukherjee; Hidetoshi Murakami


A Reliability Study of the Software Reliability Growth Model Assuming Uncertain Operating Environments and Dependent Failures

                Da Hye Lee; In Hong Chang; Hoang Pham


Fuzzy Performance Evaluation Model Based on Lowering Social Losses

                Kuen-Suan Chen; Chun-Min Yu


Spatio-Temporal Data Modelling and Monitoring

                Peihua Qiu


Smart Healthcare Quality System Based on Internet of Things Model Using Clustering Algorithm

                Wen-Pai Wang; Yung-Hsiang Hung; Tuan-Jung Chang


Machine Learning for Compositional Data Analysis in Support of the Decision Making Process

                Thi Thuy Van Nguyen; Cédric Heuchenne; Kim Phuc Tran


Optimal Replacement Policies with One Cycle Criterion

                Shey-Huei Sheu


Wearable Technology for Smart Manufacturing in Industry 5.0 Applications, Challenges, and Case Studies

                Tho Nguyen; Kim Duc Tran; Ali Raza; Quoc-Thông Nguyen; Huong Mai Bui; Kim Phuc Tran


Artificial Intelligence for Smart Manufacturing in Industry 5.0: Methods, Applications, and Challenges

                Huu Du Nguyen; Kim Phuc Tran


Assess Reliability of a Stochastic Rescue Network Considering Multistate Travel Time

                Kai-Li Hsu; Yi-Kuei Lin


An Optimization Model of Short-Lived Food Supply Chain Considering Risk-Sharing Contracts

                Quynh-Hoa Truong; Hong-Phuc Nguyen; Thi-Phuong Nguyen; Duc-Tai Ngo; Thanh-Truc Ly


A Study on the Prediction of Pressure in Gas Governor System

                Eun-Wook Choi; Dayeon Lee; Shihyun Kim; Seohoon Jin


Towards Applicability of Machine Learning in Quality Control for Smart Manufacturing

                Huu Du Nguyen; Phuong Hanh Tran; Do Thu Ha; Cédric Heuchenne; Kim Phuc Tran


Fuzzy Analysis of Process Quality for Manufactured Products Based on Imprecise Production Data

                Tsang-Chuan Chang; Lu-Wen Liao


Two-Dimensional Warranties for a System with Imperfect Preventive Maintenance Actions

                Minjae Park; Bermawi P. Iskandar; Dong Ho Park


Smart Supply Chain Management with Artificial Intelligence: a Survey and Perspective

                Thi Hien Nguyen; Huu Du Nguyen; Kim Duc Tran; Dinh Duy Kha Nguyen; Phuong Hien Tran; Kim Phuc Tran


A New Type of Skipping Lot Sampling Plan Based on Process Yield

                Chien-Wei Wu; Shih-Wen Liu


A Study on the Software Reliability Model Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Method

                Youn Su Kim; Kwang Yoon Song; Hoang Pham; In Hong Chang


Trend Analysis of Drought Indicators in Terms of Rice Yield for Drought Identification in a Type III Climate Area in Central Philippines

                Jozil Donne D. Cerna; Maulyn Murielle S. Dominguez; Vinna Ysabelle U. Tupas; Aris C. Larroder


Research on Sustainable Management Strategies for the Smart Machinery Industry from the Perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG

                Kai-Chao Yao; Shiu-Chu Hung; Shu-Hua Huang; Ching-Hsin Wang


Data-driven Framework for Optimization of Manufacturing Processes under Uncertainty

                T.Q.D. Pham; V.S. Bui; X.V. Tran


On Misspecification Estimation in Monotone Single-Index Models

                Fadoua Balabdaoui; Cécile Durot; Christopher Fragneau


A Prompt-based Vision-language Model for Offensive Meme Detection

                Xiaoyu Guo; Jing Ma; Xufeng Zhao; Yu Bai; Yongwei Chi


Understanding the Circulation Network of Agro-products in China Based on the Freight Big Data

                Yin-Jie Ma; Zhi-Qiang Jiang; Yue-Hua Dai; Peng-Fei Dai; Li Wang; Wei-Xing Zhou


Improved Unsupervised Feature Selection for High Dimensional Data

                Peican Zhu; Xin Hou; Keke Tang; Zhen Wang; Feiping Nie


Changing Determinant Driver and Oil Volatility Forecasting: A Comprehensive Analysis

                Jiqian Wang; Feng Ma; Qin Luo


Equilibrium Analysis of Automobile Market under the Subsidy Recession and Dual Credits Policy

                Chang Liu; Qing-yuan Zhu


Cross-Platform Hotel Evaluation by Aggregating Multi-Website Consumer Reviews with Plts and Choquet Integral

                Yinrunjie Zhang; Decui Liang


Effect of Online Customer Service on Consumer Purchase Conversion from the Perspective of Conversation Analysis

                Shun Li; Li Li; Baixue Chen


The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Diffusion in China, Role of Government Subsidies Considering Technological Progress

                Guodong Zhang; Donglan Zha


Multimodal Heat Source Layout Optimization based on Neural Architecture Search

                Jialiang Sun; Xiaohu Zheng; Wen Yao; Xiaoya Zhang; Weien Zhou; Xiaoqian Chen


Research on Accurate Identification of Poor Students - A Case Study of Jiangsu Province

                Junjie Zhu; Butong Li; Weihao Liu; Xufeng Zhao


A Novel Approach for Evaluating High-Quality Process Performance Based on the Quality-Yield Index

                Chien-Wei Wu; Armin Darmawan; Meng-Tzu Lin


On Ball-wise Survival of a Modern Test Batter

                RM Silva; CL Jayasinghe; DY Jayasinghe; LHKP De Silva


A Survey of Adaptive Clothing for Disable People: Improved Measures Based on Disability and the Demand

                Liteboho Matsoso; Baozhu Xu; Xiang Yan; Yanni Xu


Prediction of Load-Displacement Curve of 3D Warp Interlock Fabrics Using Intelligent Techniques

                Mengru Li; Peng Wang; Zhenglei He; Jie Luo


A Machine Learning-Based Interactive Personalized Pattern Design Knowledge Base For Hanfu

                Zhujun Wang; Yingmei Xing; Dagong Chen; Xuyuan Tao; Xianyi Zeng; Pascal Bruniaux


Medical Image Comparison Using Image Features

                Anik Roy; Partha Sarathi Mukherjee