Data Science &
Intelligent Systems
DSIS 2019


Automated Process for Data Acquisition, Analysis, and Preprocessing

            Rosemarie Day; Alexander Shoop; Adarsh Jaiswal; Jack Zhang; Xiao Du; Manasee Godsay


The Number of Non-Competitive Matches in 2026 FIFA World Cup

            Traian Marius Truta


Topic Word Selection for Topics Modeled with Latent Dirichlet Allocation

            Laura Kölbl; Michael Grottke


Predicting Slow HTTP DoS Attacks with Severely Imbalanced Big Data

            Chad Calvert; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Clifford Kemp


Investigating Maxout Activation Functions in Speech and Sound Recognition

            Gabriel Castaneda; Paul Morris; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar


Module-Order Modeling with Feature Selection

            Naeem Seliya; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar


Predicting Concussion Symptom Resolve Time in High School Athletes

            Sara Landset; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar


Application of Machine Learning for Failure Prediction in Manufacturing Process

            Ivan Zajacko; Ivan Kuric; Tomas Gal


Using Hidden Markov Model to Perform Sequence Mining in Market Basket Data

            Vijay Kumar Ravi; Jeremy J Blum


Methodology of Using Empirical Distributions of Binary Prediction Scores to Solve Business Optimization Problems

            Andrei V. Shcheprov; Srinivas Krovvidy; Hernando A. Vera


Enhanced Underground Object Detection with Conditional Adversarial Networks

            Will Rice; Maxwell Omwenga; Dalei Wu; Yu Liang


Sentiment Analysis of Women Driving in Saudi Arabia

            Hanan Muhajab; Kambiz Ghazinour


Intelligent Snoring Detection Method using the Intervals of Snoring Sound

            Byung Mun Lee


Deep Learning-based Scene Understanding Model for Assistive System Related to Alzheimer’s Patients

            Ke Xu; Suranjan Panigrahi


Extended Coupled Probabilistic Timed Automata for Monitoring Eating Activities of Elderly Person

            Hanan Nasser Muhajab


Parameter Identification of Fixtures Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Regression Analysis for Ensuring the Efficient Machining

            Vitalii Ivanov; Ivan Pavlenko; Ivan Kuric; Vladyslav Andrusyshyn


Towards Parsimonious Sociology Theory Construction with Neural Embeddings and Semantic Analysis

            Mingzhe Du; Zaid Alibadi; Jose M. Vidal; Barry Markovsky


Sentiment Polarity Analysis of Chinese Movie Reviews

            Shilpa Balan; Jia Yangyang; Kathryn Joy Mak; Linray Song


Waterfall ranking and filtering optimization

            Liang Dai; Ram Akella