Effect of Online Customer Service on Consumer Purchase Conversion from the Perspective of Conversation Analysis  
Author Shun Li


Co-Author(s) Li Li; Baixue Chen


Abstract Conversations between online customer service (OCS) and consumers help promote consumer purchase conversion (CPC). Based on heuristicsystematic model, we classify influencing factors into heuristic and systematic cues and establish a theoretical model of the influencing factors of conversation content on CPC. Based on the actual data of conversion and transaction of a B2C platform, from the perspective of conversation analysis, we use text mining and sentiment analysis methods to realize the measurement of sentiment and interaction variables, and analyze the influencing factors of CPC through logistic regression. The research results show that in heuristic cues, the number of messages and presence of emoticon in a conversation have a positive impact on CPC, while the length of messages and customer service response time in a conversation have a negative impact on CPC. In systematic cues, negative affective intensity has a negative impact on CPC, while positive affective intensity has no significant impact on CPC. Using the heuristicsystematic model (HSM) as a research framework, the paper analyzes the factors influencing CPC, which helps e-commerce companies develop effective customer service operation strategies to improve CPC, thereby increasing corporate revenue.


Keywords Online customer service, Purchase conversion, Conversation analysis, Heuristic-systematic model
    Article #:  DSBFI23-101
Proceedings of 2nd ISSAT International Conference on Data Science in Business, Finance and Industry
January 8-10, 2023 - Da Nang, Vietnam