Data Science in
Business, Finance
& Industry
DSBFI 2019


An Outer–Inner Linearization Method for Nonconvex and Nondifferentiable Composite Statistical Learning Problems

                Minh Pham; Xiaodong Lin; Andrzej Ruszczyński


Wearable Sensor Data Based Human Activity Recognition Using Machine Learning: A New Approach

                H. D. Nguyen; K. P. Tran; X. Zeng; L. Koehl; G. Tartare


Anomaly Detection by Time Series Motif Discovery for Vietnamese Customs

                Dong Van Hoang; Quang Anh Ngoc Pham; Nam Thanh Vu; Ngoc Anh Thi Nguyen


Bootstrap Confidence Interval for Regression Coefficients of PCR

                Jieun Kim; Seohoon Jin


Modelling the Relationship between the CSR Investment and the Financial Performance of Capital Constrained Firms

                Dinh Anh Phan; Thi Le Hoa Vo; Anh Ngoc Lai


Importance of Basic Attributes in Innovation Environment - Efficiency Analysis in the EU28

                Viktor Prokop; Jan Stejskal; Petr Hájek; Michaela Stříteská


Predicting Win-Loss of League of Legends at the Start of the Game Using Machine Learning Techniques

                Cheolgi Kim; Soowon Lee


One-Sided Run Rules Control Charts for Coefficient of Variation with Measurement Errors

                P. H. Tran; C. Heuchenne; H. D. Nguyen


Prediction of KOSPI Fluctuation Based on S&P500 Index Using a Neural Network Model

                Taeseung Kim; Soowon Lee


Forecasting Crude Oil Price Based on Mutual Information Technique and ANFIS Trained by Biogeography-Based Optimization (BBO) Algorithm

                Quang Hung Do; Duc Son Nguyen; Thanh Hang Thi Doan; Thu Ha Thi Vu


Modeling Color Fading Ozonation of Dyed Textile Using Artificial Intelligence

                Zhenglei He; Kim-Phuc Tran; Sébastien Thomassey; Xianyi Zeng; Changhai Yi


Integrating Sentiment Analysis in Recommender Systems

                Thanh Hung Bui


Modelling Innovation Paths of European Firms Using Fuzzy Balanced Scorecard

                Petr Hájek; Jan Stejskal; Michaela Stříteská; Viktor Prokop


Comparison Activation Function of Deep Neural Network for Class Recognition Classification of the Elderly

                Dong Su Lee; Youn Su Kim; In Hong Chang


Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence in the Smart Factory: A Survey and Perspective

                H. D. Nguyen; K. P. Tran; X. Zeng; L. Koehl; P. Castagliola; P. Bruniaux


Proposal of Feature Matching Technique Using Similarity Features Filtering for Image Alignment

                Thanh Trung Nguyen; Hong Anh Thi Pham; Toan Van Pham; Thanh Minh Ta; An Van Tran


Dartboard-Shaped Spatial Segmentation: Depicting Distribution of Geo-Tweets and Defining Urban Boundaries

                Jaehee Cho; Euiyoung Baik


Extract Features Using Gaussian Filter and Its Application for Improvement of an Accuracy of the Epileptic Detection Using SVM

                Ha Manh Hoang; Quang Tung Ha Hoang; Ngoc Giau Ho


Extended Sentence Similarity Based on Word Relations for Document Summarization

                Heechan Kim; Soowon Lee


Conceptual Design of Incremental Matrix Consolidation Operation for Recommendation Systems

                Nam D. Vo; Hoang Long Nguyen; Gen Li; Jason J. Jung; David Camacho


Real-Time Production Monitoring Approach for Smart Manufacturing with Artificial Intelligence Techniques

                Q. T. Nguyen; H. D. Nguyen; K. P. Tran; P. Castagliola; E. Frénod


Prediction of English Premier League Game Results by Using Deep Learning Techniques

                Jaehyun Yi; Soowon Lee


Link Prediction in Graph Stream by Distributed Computation Approach

                Khanh-Duy Le-Trinh; Anh-Thu Nguyen-Thi; Tu-Anh Nguyen-Hoang


Goodness-Of-Fit Tests for the Component Lifetimes Distribution Based on the System Failure Data with Known Signature

                Ping Shing Chan; Yaoxi Zhong; Gaofeng Da


Crowdsourcing System for Measuring Cognitive Similarity in Recommendation System

                Luong Vuong Nguyen; O-Joun Lee; Hoang Long Nguyen; Sojung An; Jason J. Jung; Yue-Shan Chang


Prediction of Fine Dust (PM2.5) Concentration Based on RBF Kernel SVM

                Deukwoo Lee; Soowon Lee