Crowdsourcing System for Measuring Cognitive Similarity in Recommendation System  
Author Luong Vuong Nguyen


Co-Author(s) O-Joun Lee; Hoang Long Nguyen; Sojung An; Jason J. Jung; Yue-Shan Chang


Abstract In this research, we develop OurMovieSimilarity (OMS) as a crowdsourcing system that can i) provide an effective process for collecting similar movies with high interoperability and ii) recommend similar movies based on users’ cognition.With this approach, OMS can achieve better precision in discovering similar movies and overcome the cold start problem. In order to evaluate our system, we conducted experiments by using data from IMDB data and OMDB. The result shows that OMS effectively reduces the wasting time of users in discovering their similar movies. Besides, we can extend this research for clustering users by their cognition using our similar movie dataset.


Keywords Crowdsourcing system, cognitive similarity, OurMovieSimilarity, recommendation system
    Article #:  DSBFI19-109
Proceedings of ISSAT International Conference on Data Science in Business, Finance and Industry
July 3-5, 2019 - Da Nang, Vietnam