Reliability &
Quality in Design
RQD 2017


Analyzing Visitors’ Characteristics in Tourist Areas Based on Mobile Phone Users’ Location Data

Masahide Yamamoto


The ELECTRE I Method to Optimise GPR Data Processing Analyses for Maintenance of Water Networks

Silvia Carpitella; Silvia J. Ocana-Levario; Julio Benítez; Antonella Certa; Mario Enea; Joaquín Izquierdo


Importance Analysis for Typical Parts of Civil Airplane Slat Considering Performance Degradation

Changcong Zhou; Chenghu Tang; Fuchao Liu; Zheng Zhang


Empirical Confidence Bounds

                D. Gary Harlow


Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach for Burr Type XII Distribution

                Jianping Zhu; Hua Xin; Junge Sun; Tzong-Ru Tsai


A Practical Preventive Maintenance for Aging Multi-State K-out-of-n Systems

                Chun-Ho Wang; Chao-Hui Huang


System Reliability Estimation for a Manufacturing Network with Joint Buffers

                Ping-Chen Chang; Yi-Kuei Lin


Stochastic Flow Distribution Network of Multiple Sinks with Inventory Consideration

                Cheng-Fu Huang; Yi-Kuei Lin; Man-Ju Chuang


Time-Dependent Global Reliability Sensitivity Analysis of Mechanisms with Correlated Random Input Variables

                Pengfei Wei; Wenxuan Wang


Framing Reliability Specification in Early Design Phase of Subsea Systems

                Juntao Zhang; Yiliu Liu; Mary Ann Lundteigen


A Goal Programming Model for Network Reliability Design Problem

                Seyedmohsen Hosseini; MD Sarder; Ahmed Islam


Time-Dependent Meta-Models for Dynamic Systems with Nonparametric Excitations

                Gordon J. Savage; Young Kap Son


A Hybrid Approach to Identify the Maximum Likelihood Estimates of a Two Changepoint Goel-Okumoto Software Reliability Growth Model

                Vidhyashree Nagaraju; Lance Fiondella; Thierry Wandji


Change-Point Modeling for Software Reliability Assessment under Imperfect Debugging Environment

                Shinji Inoue; Hiroyuki Inaba; Shigeru Yamada


Software Reliability Modeling with Considerations of Two-Phase Imperfect Debugging and Fault-Removal

                Mengmeng Zhu; Hoang Pham


On Bayesian Estimation for Software Reliability Assessment Based on a Discrete NHPP Model

                Shinji Inoue; Shigeru Yamada


Age Replacement Policies with Shortage and Excess Costs

                Mingchih Chen; Xufeng Zhao; Toshio Nakagawa


Three Maintenances for Age Replacement Policies

Xufeng Zhao; Khalifa N. Al-Khalifa; Cunhua Qian; Toshio Nakagawa


Optimal Maintenance Strategy for Second-hand Product Under Repair-replacement Policy

                Minjae Park; Ki Mun Jung; Dong Ho Park


A Survey of Continuous Failure Rates and Their Applications to Replacement Policies

                Toshio Nakagawa; Xufeng Zhao


Cumulative Backup Policies for Database Systems

                Shouji Nakamura; Masashi Yamakawa; Xufeng Zhao


Design an Optimal Plan of Accelerated Degradation Test with Acceleration Factor Constant Principle

                Hao-Wei Wang; Fei Teng


Planning Optimal Degradation Tests in Consideration of Budget and Statistic Accuracy on Different Stress Levels

                Zeljana Beslic; Peter Müller; Shuang Yan; Bernd Bertsche


Acceleration Reliability Growth Tests under Double-stresses

                Jinyong Yao; Hao Wu; Yiliu Liu; Xiangfen Wang


Estimating Activation Energy of the LiFePO4 Battery Using Dual Dynamic Stress Accelerated Degradation Tests

                Yu-Chang Lin; Yi-Ru Li; Kuan-Jung Chung


Optimal Operational Selection and Sequencing of Systems with Mixtures of One-Shot Units

                Yao Cheng; Elsayed A. Elsayed


Performance of Feature Subset Evaluators for Software Engineering Datasets

                Huanjing Wang; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Kehan Gao


A Framework for Capturing HTTP GET DDoS Attacks on a Live Network Environment

Chad Calvert; Clifford Kemp; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Maryam M. Najafabadi


Effective Selection of Packet Header Fields For Detection of Man In The Middle Attacks in LAN Environments

Maryam M. Najafabadi; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Chad Calvert; Clifford Kemp


Analysis of a Transfer Learning Application Using the Transfer Learning Test Framework

                Karl R. Weiss; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar


An Efficient Algorithm to Solve the Maximal Flow Problems

                Shin-Guang Chen


Extended Optimal Replacement Policy Based on Cumulative Damage for a Two-Unit System Subject to Shocks

Shey-Huei Sheu; Tzu-Hsin Liu; Zhe-George Zhang; Hsin-Nan Tsai


Network Reliability for Flight Routes with Time and Stopover Constraints

                Phuong Thi Nguyen; Yi-Kuei Lin


Reliability Analysis of High-Power LED Assemblies of Street Light under Thermal Environments

                Yao Hsu; Wen-Fang Wu; Cheng-Hua Wang


Reliability Modelling of Window Flow Control Scheme for a Communication System based on Packet Transmission Interval

                Mitsutaka Kimura; Mitsuhiro Imaizumi; Toshio Nakagawa


A Two-Stage Policy for a Server System With Illegal Access

                Mitsuhiro Imaizumi; Mitsutaka Kimura


Optimal Self Inspection Policies of Self-service Retailers

                Kodo Ito; Yoshiyuki Higuchi; Masao Ohta; Xiaoyuan Liu


Optimization and Reliability Analysis Tool Based on Multi-Dimensional Wiener Processes for Big Data on Cloud Computing

                Yoshinobu Tamura; Shigeru Yamada


Design Option Analysis of SRAM-based FPGAs in Safety-Critical Systems

Xiangfen Wang; Yiliu Liu; Mary Ann Lundteigen; Cheng Gao; Jiaoying Huang


Research of Reliability Evaluation Method Based on Optimal Parameter Estimation

                Jianjun Ma; Songlin Zheng; Tie Chen; Jinzhi Feng; Lihui Zhao


Comparisons of Endurance Time Models in the Prediction of Pulling Tasks

                Kai Way Li; Fan Tang; Cannan Yi; Lu Peng


Risk Assessment with Causality Measurement

                Mingxiao Jiang; Feng-Bin Sun


Software Reliability Modeling Approaches with Test Environmental Factors

                Ailin Li; Shinji Inoue; Shigeru Yamada


Human Reliability Analysis to Support the Development of a Software Project

Silvia Carpitella; Antonella Certa; Mario Enea; Giacomo Maria Galante; Joaquín Izquierdo; Concetta Manuela La Fata


A Note on an Optimal Maintenance Policy for a Markovian Deteriorating System Subject to Random Shocks

                Nobuyuki Tamura


A Synchronous Software Rejuvenation Technique for Time Warp Event Simulation

                Mamoru Ohara; Satoshi Fukumoto


Reliability Analysis of Complex Welded Aluminium Alloy Structural Part

                Xiaowei Yin; Changhui Yao; Wenxue Qian; Liyang Xie


Three-Parameter vs. Two-Parameter Weibull Model for Single Fiber Strength

                Ningxiang Wu; Liyang Xie


Analysis of Thermal Characteristics of Aircraft Gearbox Based on Thermal Network Method

Xingfu Zhao; Guanhua Song; Yidu Zhang; Yanzhong Wang; Delong Dou


On the Shape of Failure Rate Curve and Influencing Factors

                Liyang Xie; Bo Qin


Optimal Reliability of Series and Parallel Systems subject to Two Failure Modes Considering Correlated Failures

Anusha Krishna Murthy; Saikath Bhattacharya; Lance Fiondella


Reliability Analysis Method For Three-State Nuclear Power Electrical Systems Based On Goal Oriented Methodology

Ming-chao Lu; Xiao-jian Yi; Jian-feng Chen; Yong-jun Bai; Hui-na Mu


Expected Waiting Time of Demand Responsive Transport with a Waiting Point

                Junji Koyanagi; Kensuke Takemoto


Mining Equipment Reliability: An Investigative Study

                B.S Dhillon


Security Analysis of Airborne Transmitter's Thread Connection Based on Finite Element Simulation Technology

                Yan-zhong Wang; Peng Liu; Jing-bo Guo; Xue-miao Cui


Research on Load Spectrum of CNC Machine Tool Based on Cutting Current Signal

                Ying Wu; Bin Li; Jindong Li; Subao Ding


Performance Analysis and Design Improvement of a Sludge Dewatering System

                Derrick C.P. Ng; Eric T.T. Wong


Simulation Specimen Design Method of Aeroengine Compressor Disk

                Wenxue Qian; Jiyao Liu; Yankai Yuan; Xiaowei Yin; Liyang Xie


Non-repairable Multi-state Consecutive 2-out-of-n Failed Systems subject to Correlated Failures

                Bentolhoda Jafary; Lance Fiondella


Random Vibration Analysis of a New Type of EMU CFRP Equipment Cabin Frame

Yong-yan Wang; Xiang-feng Zhang; Yue-li Han; Yu-Biao Zhang; Xiu-wen Shi


Design, Build and Test an Innovative Tail-Sitter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

                Yiming Zhang; Weichen Xu; Guangyi Chen


Use Pyramidal Distribution for Multivariate Uniformity Test Power Comparison

                Zhenmin Chen


A Modified Proximal Gradient Method for a Class of Sparse Optimization Problems

                Yingyi Li; Haibin Zhang


Reliability and Importance Measures for Combined m-Consecutive-k-out-of-n: F and Consecutive-kb-out-of-n: F Systems with Non-Homogeneous Markov-Dependent Components

                Mahmoud Boushaba; Azzedine Benyahia


A Method of Optimization Selecting Test Points by Inverse Process

                Wenkui Hou; Zhiming Zhang


Modal Analysis and Crack Propagation Residual Life Prediction of Vibrating Screen Beam

                Zerong Zhang; Yongyan Wang; Zhimin Fan


Duplex Paper Industry (Manufacturing Process and its Performance Analysis)

                Aakash Deep Sharma; Manwinder Kaur


Performance Analysis of Change Point based Software Reliability Growth Model Incorporating Both Fault Reduction Factor and Test Coverage

                Ankur Shukla; Subhashis Chatterjee; Bhagyashree Chaudhuri