Optimal Design and Replacement Policies for a Consecutive-k-out-of-n:G System Considering Number of Failed Components  
Author Lei Zhou


Co-Author(s) Hisashi Yamamoto; Xiao Xiao


Abstract A consecutive-k-out-of-n:G system consists of n components which are arranged in a line or a circle and the system works if and only if at least k consecutive components work. This paper considers the optimal design and replacement policies for a consecutive-k-out-of-n:G system. In addition, only failed components are considered to be maintained when the policies are carried out. As a result, the distributions and expected values of the number of failed components when system is failed or working at a particular time t are evaluated firstly. Using the results of the expected number of failed components, we focus on the optimal system design and replacement policies. The expected cost rates are considered as the objective function to be minimized. Finally, we present the numerical results for the optimization problems.


Keywords Consecutive-k-out-of-n:G system, number of failed components, optimal design policy, optimal replacement policy
    Article #:  RQD26-170

Proceedings of 26th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability & Quality in Design
Virtual Event

August 5-7, 2021