Traceability Problems in Preventive Maintenance Policies  
Author Xufeng Zhao


Co-Author(s) Hongshuang Feng; Mingchih Chen; Toshio Nakagawa


Abstract Planing traceable policies to identify the failures is necessary for a complex system when a failure occurs with accumulated hidden failures. We give three cases of traceability problems in preventive maintenance policies: (a) the cause of failure is traced from the rst failure time t until time t + T if it has not been identi ed at time t + T; (b) The cause of failure is traced from failure K at time tK for an upper limit time T; (c) The distribution of tracing time depends on the time tK at the Kth failure. We obtain the expected tracing models for preventive replacement policies and nd optimum tracing time T analytically.


Keywords Tracebility, replacement, minimal repair, downtime cost, reliability
    Article #:  RQD26-166

Proceedings of 26th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability & Quality in Design
Virtual Event

August 5-7, 2021