A SHELF – Swiss Cheese Model for Aviation Safety  
Author Po Chung Tong


Co-Author(s) Hei Tung Chau; Tsun Tai Wong


Abstract Aircraft accidents and incidents are a result of combined issues in different aspect. Human errors have greater potential than the technical failure to adversely affect aviation safety. In order to have a better understanding on how the human factors relate to each other and cause the accident/ incident, the SHELF- Swiss Cheese Model was developed. This new model is developed based on SHELL model and Swiss-Cheese model to provide a clearer inter-relationship between issues in different aspects behind the aircraft accident/incident, which would alert different parties and enhance aviation safety. In this paper, the outline of the new model will be discussed and through 2 case studies, the model will be demonstrated.


Keywords Aviation Safety, Human Factors, SHELL model, Swiss Cheese Model
    Article #:  21119
Proceedings of the 21st ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design
August 6-8, 2015 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvia, U.S.A.