Organizational Safety Climate & Work Safety Performance for Concrete Mixer Drivers  
Author Kai Way Li


Co-Author(s) Zong Kang Liu


Abstract Concrete mixer trucks are commonly considered high risk vehicles on the streets and highways which are threatening to the pedestrians and other vehicles. Investigations involving driving safety related issues for the mixer truck drivers are essential. This research adopted a behavior-based safety approach to investigate factors affecting truck driver safety for the concrete suppliers. One hundred and eighty seven concrete mixer truck drivers from seven concrete companies in Taiwan were surveyed concerning their safety performance and their perception on organizational safety climate with their companies. The Likert’s five-point scales were adopted. The Cronbech’s α for the organizational safety climate and safety performance test questions in the survey were 0.91 and 0.70, respectively. It was found that musculoskeletal injuries and fatigue were common for the drivers. The injuries and fatigue were highly related to overtime and aging of the drivers. The age, education, and working experience were all significant factors associated with safety performance of the drivers.


Keywords organizational safety climate, safety performance, truck driver, fatigue
    Article #:  18143
Proceedings of the 18th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design
July 26-28, 2012 - Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.