Optimal Replacement Policies for k-Out-Of-n Systems with Shortage and Excess Costs  
Author Junyuan Wang


Co-Author(s) Xufeng Zhao


Abstract In this paper, a new repairable model for k-out-of-n system is studied with shortage and excess costs. If replacement time is too later after system failure, it also occurs cost, and if replacement time is too early, it also waste of operation cost. The above two types of costs are taken into considerations in this paper. We first discuss a standard model in which system is replaced preventively at planned time. Then, the replacement first and last policies are discussed with shortage and excess costs. The expected cost rates are derived and its optimal replacement policies are obtained analytically. Subsequently, we consider a system is replaced at periodic replacement policy. And the numerical examples are given to illustrate the theoretical results.


Keywords k-out-of-n system, replacement first, replacement last, shortage cost, excess cost, random failure
    Article #:  RQD27-111

Proceedings of 27th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability & Quality in Design
Virtual Event

August 4-6, 2022