Automatic Squid Fishing Machine  
Author Ho Yin Alvin Chow


Co-Author(s) Eric T. T. Wong


Abstract Squid fishing is one of the popular activities in Hong Kong. In view of the shortage of portable automatic squid machine in the market, an attempt was made to design such a machine. Three key elements of the design include: a mechanism to swing the fishing bait up and down, a sensing component to detect whether the squid is hooked or not, and a mechanism to retract the fishing wire rapidly when the squid is hooked. The proposed machine is of a length about our height and it is made of light-weight materials – metal and composite materials. A half-sized prototype was made and load tested for machine operation. Results indicated that the sensing component would trigger the retracting mechanism rapidly once a minimum load is detected oscillating in a vertical manner. Additionally, design simulation through a full-sized model showed that the fishing rod, besides having a faster upward movement then the downward movement, will generate a higher displacement in the upward direction than the downward direction and this kind of motion helps to hook up the squid more easily.


Keywords Squid fishing, robust design, simulation
    Article #:  RQD25-239
Proceedings of 25th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability & Quality in Design
August 1-3, 2019 - Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.