Reliability Evaluations of a System with Multiple-Stage Policy  
Author Mitsuhiro Imaizumi


Co-Author(s) Mitsutaka Kimura


Abstract This paper formulates a stochastic model for a system with illegal access. The server has the function of IDS, and illegal access is checked in multiple stages which consist of simple check and detailed check. In this model, we consider type I and type II errors. There are two cases that IDS judges the occurrence of illegal access erroneously. One is when illegal access does not occur, and the other is when illegal access occurs. We apply the theory of Markov renewal processes to a system with illegal access, and derive the mean time and the expected checking number until a server system becomes faulty. Further, we derive the expected cost considering the loss cost of type I and type II errors, and discuss an optimal policy which minimizes it. Finally, a numerical example is given.


Keywords Multi-stage policy, Illegal access, Markov renewal process, Optimal policy
    Article #:  2482
Proceedings ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design 2018
August 2-4, 2018 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada