Numerical Simulation Model of Wear Reliability of Spiral Bevel Gear Based on Complex Working Condition  
Author Yanzhong Wang


Co-Author(s) Wei Zhang; Yang Liu; Yuhuan Song; Yanyan Chen; Jingbo Guo


Abstract Taking the aircraft spiral bevel gear under complex conditions as the research object. The comprehensive effect of the complex condition of the spiral bevel gear on the meshed wear state of the tooth surface is fully considered, and a wear reliability calculation model is established. The tooth surface contact area of the spiral bevel gear was discretized, and the contact stress and relative sliding speed under full working conditions were obtained through the loading tooth contact analysis(LTCA). Then analyzed the influence factors of single wear amount of spiral bevel gear via the simulation. Fitting on the wear reliability parameters by introducing multi parameter mixed normal distribution and obtained a single wear amount distribution form. Realized calculation of wear reliability of the spiral bevel gear by Monte Carlo method. The results show that the wear failure of the spiral bevel gear is in the random failure period. This model can be used to calculate the wear reliability of the spiral bevel gear with different design parameters under complex conditions. It theoretically solved the prediction problem of wear reliability of spiral bevel gear, which has certain theoretical significance and application prospects for the prediction and design of the wear of spiral bevel gear.


Keywords spiral bevel gears; Contact stress of tooth surface; relative sliding speed of tooth surface; mixed normal distribution; single wear amount; Wear Reliability
    Article #:  24224
Proceedings ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design 2018
August 2-4, 2018 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada