Managerial Models with Phased Maintenance Policies  
Author Xufeng Zhao


Co-Author(s) Cunhua Qian; Toshio Nakagawa


Abstract This paper takes up several phased maintenance models with nite mission time intervals. The block replace- ment and minimal repair, block replacement and no mainte- nance, minimal repair and no maintenance are used for two phased maintenance policies. The block replacement, minimal repair and no maintenance are used for three phased mainte- nance policies. We give approximations of the above models. With the time being divided into some phases, our purpose is to minimize the expected maintenance costs for the total mission times. All of the discussions are made analytically.


Keywords Block replacement, maintenance phase, minimal repair, downtime cost, reliability
    Article #:  24186
Proceedings ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design 2018
August 2-4, 2018 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada