Which Replacement is Better Before or After a Specified Time for Minimal Repair Models  
Author Mingchih Chen


Co-Author(s) Xufeng Zhao; Toshio Nakagawa


Abstract This paper compares the models of replacement first, replacement interval, replacement last and replacement overtime to decide which policy would be better before or after a speci ed time T in the viewpoint of cost saving. Minimal repair, which can return the unit to operation again after failure when the repair is completed, is modeled for respective policies. In order to save the total cost of repairs, preventive replacement policies are done at a planned time T and a number N of failures. It will be shown that the comparisons can be concluded according to the relative size of given T and obtained T* and T˜.


Keywords Replacement first, replacement interval, replacement last, replacement overtime, minimal repair.
    Article #:  22223
Proceedings of the 22nd ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design
August 4-6, 2016 - Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.