Additive Manufacturing: Tensile Property Statistics  
Author D. Gary Harlow




Abstract Additive manufacturing (AM) or three–dimensional printing of metallic structural components is becoming more common; however, it is a complex manufacturing process. The main concern is the comparisons of properties in printed materials with those in traditional manufactured materials. The main focus of this paper is the statistical modeling of the tensile properties of materials produced by AM processes and their comparison to wrought material properties. The majority of the data are the tensile properties from electron beam AM (EBAM) which consists of multiple layers of deposited metal. The tensile properties are statistically modeled with multimodal cumulative distribution functions (cdfs) where the underlying modes are characterized with two-parameter Weibull cdfs. To indicate the degree of uncertainty with the proposed cdfs, a simple mean square error analysis is conducted.


Keywords Additive manufacturing, Multimodal distribution, Process parameters, Weibull distribution, Yield Stress
    Article #:  22157
Proceedings of the 22nd ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design
August 4-6, 2016 - Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.