Fuzzy-Based Reliability Evaluation for a Labor-Intensive Manufacturing System  
Author Ping-Chen Chang


Co-Author(s) Yi-Kuei Lin; Kai-Jen Hsueh


Abstract This paper proposes a fuzzy-based reliability evaluation for a labor-intensive manufacturing system considering repair. Such a manufacturing system is constructed as a labor-intensive manufacturing network (LMN) to deal with the workstations consisting of laborers. Based on the concept of fuzzy multistate, each workstation-reliability is measured by three fuzzy membership functions for workload state. Subsequently, the system reliability is evaluated in terms of all workstation-reliabilities, in which the system reliability is derived by fuzzy intersection. That is, the system reliability is a fuzzy membership function that the LMN performs reliable to satisfy demand. A footwear manufacturing system is utilized to illustrate the proposed methodology.


Keywords Fuzzy multistate, labor-intensive manufacturing network, system reliability, repair
    Article #:  20174
Proceedings of the 20th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design
August 7-9, 2014 - Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.