Cascade-Coupling Reliability Design for Complex Space Mechanism System Based on Axiomatic Design  
Author Mei Li


Co-Author(s) Jianguo Zhang; Jianlei Si; Pidong Wang; Junwei Yan


Abstract The space mechanism system is a typical complex mechanism system with problems of cascade-coupling reliability. Traditional probability design theories of reliability cannot meet the need of the cascade-coupling reliability design for complex space mechanism system. To solve this problem, this paper provides a new thought by combining the theories of axiomatic design and reliability design, using zigzag mapping to make cascade decomposition for each layer of sub-systems in complex space mechanism system, analyzing the internal coupling design parameters related to reliability design in complex space mechanism system by combining independence axiom, reducing the coupling degree, and the iterations, defining system reliability from a function delivery perspective that lays the foundation for reliability improvement in the concept design stage. To provide method for the safety and reliability of the complex space mechanism system, the theoretical value and engineering significance of proposed method is demonstrated by an illustrative example showing cascade-coupling reliability design of a typical mechanism.


Keywords Cascade-Coupling, Complex System, Space Mechanism, Reliability Design, Axiomatic Design
    Article #:  2006
Proceedings of the 20th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design
August 7-9, 2014 - Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.