Reliability of Tunnel Ventilation Control: A Conceptual Design  
Author Ondrej Nyvlt


Co-Author(s) Lukas Ferkl; Jan Sulc


Abstract This paper discusses a preliminary design of a High-level control loop of a ventilation system in the Blanka tunnel, which is a part of the City Circle Road in Prague, Czech Republic. The design is based on a Discrete Event System (DES) model of ventilation system states, which is actually an adapted Markov diagram. The first objective of the DES model is to specify all causes of state transitions. This task includes assessment of actions connected with states and state transitions, which should be implemented in high-level control algorithms and subordinate Programmable Logic Controllers. That means, that model presented here determines behavior of these system control elements. The second objective of the model is a reliability analysis for obtaining state probabilities and finding weak points in the control loop structure.


Keywords Road Tunnel, PLC, Markov Diagram, Reliability Analysis, Optimal Control
    Article #:  1921
Proceedings of the 19th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design
August 5-7, 2013 - Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.